PG Cert – Gestalt Approaches to Psychotherapy

This programme is intended for people already holding at least a Level 8 qualification in counselling or psychotherapy who wish to develop their knowledge, understanding and application of Gestalt approaches in their work.  The programme will integrate academic. professional and personal development work.

The programme will run part-time over a calendar year with four residential weekends (Friday to Sunday).

Successful completion of the programme would be taken into account in any subsequent applications from otherwise suitably qualified applicants (who are also professionally accredited or working towards professional accreditation) for direct entry to the final dissertation module of the Masters programme in Gestalt Psychotherapy.

Programme Details

Module 1:

Fundamentals of Gestalt therapy theory 

An overview of the historical foundations and their applicability and relevance for our world today will be given.  An exploration of core concepts of Gestalt therapy theory such as contact, moderations of contact awareness, holism, here-and-now relationship as foundations for a Gestalt approach will be explored through an intertwining of experience and theory.

Module 2:

Theory of self and field theory 

We will co-inquire into self as a process, a self that is of the co-created relationship and the context that we are participating within.  The implications of being embedded and embodied in the social, cultural, political, ecological, phenomenal and phenomenological field are explored and awareness of gender, sexuality and desire and its manifestations are sensitively examined.

Module 3

The dialogical relationship – an embodied experiential situation 

Participants are invited to sense, feel and kinaesthetically resonate in the present moment of the here-and-now relationship. An introduction to the I-Thou and I-It processes of relating and the Gestalt perspective of empathy will be presented.  In order to deepen the lived body ‘knowing’ of the therapist – client relationship, you will be introduced to early developmental movement patterns that emerge early in life and function as organising structures for adult relationships.

Module 4:

The development of experiments and integrating of your Gestalt therapy approach 

There will be an opportunity to co- design the last module so that specific areas of interest to the group will be given a depth of attention.

Creativity through attending to the kinaesthetic, kinetic and haptic movements of the relational field will be fostered.  The co- creating of a range of experiments will be shared and developed to support awareness and growth.

This is also an opportunity for each participant to receive feedback from members on their Gestalt therapy approach and how it is being integrated into their current client work.  An introduction to the Gestalt practitioner – researcher will be offered as this is an area of growing interest in our wider psychotherapy field.

Dates: 19-21 October 2018
30 November- 02 December 2018
01  March – 03 March 2019
26 April – 28 April 2019
Time: Commencing on a Friday at 2.00pm and finishing on Sunday at 4.00pm.
Venue: Teach Bhride, Tullow, Co. Carlow.
Facilitator: Billy Desmond
Cost: €2000.00 – A non-refundable deposit of €300.00 is required in order to secure your place.  Payment by bank transfer.  Accommodation & meals are not included in this fee but can be booked separately with Teach Bhride (059-9152465).
CPD: 60 hours

APPLICATION :  If you wish to attend please email the administrator Máire McDonagh or contact the office on 091-452013 for your application form.