Postgraduate Diploma in Gestalt Psychotherapy

The Postgraduate Diploma in Gestalt Psychotherapy comprises the first 4 years of the Masters programme.  It is awarded at the end of Module 3 and is accredited by IAHIP & IACP.  Successful completion of Modules 1-3 allows you to begin the accreditation process with these organisations.

The modules are are delivered over 4 years as a part-time residential programme.   There are 4 workshops each year, 3 five-day ones and 1 ten-day. Students from all 4 years work together as one training group and a generous staff student ratio……  In between workshops, students meet in study groups organised on a geographical basis. In addition to attendance at workshops and study days students are required to be in personal therapy for the duration of the programme.  The cost of personal therapy is not included in programme fees.

See detailed Programme structure.

At the end of year 2 students are assessed for readiness to begin a clinical placement.  During this placement they are required to complete a minimum 200 hours client work and  must receive regular clinical supervision from an accredited, IGC approved supervisor. The cost of supervision is not included in the programme fees.

Once you have completed Modules 1-3 you will be eligible to apply for accreditation as a psychotherapist. For details how to gain and maintain accreditation please refer the relevant professional organisation website.

Our Graduates

Since 1983, the IGC training has consistently produced therapists of quality not just qualified therapists.  It has an excellent reputation both nationally and internationally and its graduates work in a wide range of places including universities, colleges, the HSE, voluntary organisations and private practice.  See Graduate Testimonials.


Entry to the training programme is at graduate or equivalent level.  Selection is made on the basis of personal development as well as prior experience and academic aptitude.  In line with research evidence, we believe that the person of the therapist, and the strength of the relationships they are able to make, are the most important factors in predicting good therapeutic outcome. More information on Admission criteria.


IGC programmes are delivered at Teach Bhride, a Holistic Education Centre in Tullow, Co. Carlow.  Accommodation is in single rooms some of which are en-suite.  The venue has been highly commended by students, external examiners and IT Carlow as particularly well suited to the delivery of psychotherapy training.  Accommodation fees are payable directly to the venue and are not included in programme fees.  Food is of a high standard and all meals and snacks are included at a fee of €55 per day.


Every member of IGC staff is a highly experienced and currently practising therapist.  Their experience is both complementary and diverse and includes supervision, group dynamics, play therapy, bodywork, teaching at Masters level and research. Staff members are active in professional associations and some have served on their governing bodies.

Cumulatively the team has more than 150 years of clinical and teaching experience.  Details of staff, their interests and qualifications can be found on the Training Staff page.


Fees are €4,400 per year plus an annual IT Carlow student registration fee of €250.00. Once registered as an IT Carlow student, you will received a student card and can claim tax relief on your fees. Fees are payable by bank transfer.

In addition to programme fees:

  • Students are required to attend personal therapy for the duration of modules 1-3 at their own expense.
  • Students on clinical placement are required to attend supervision in a ratio of 1 supervision to every 4 client sessions at their own expense.
  • All students must be members of a professional association and subject to that body’s Code of Ethics.

Application Process

If you wish to apply please complete the Application Form and email to

Dates 2017-2018

October 2017                                                     Wednesday 04th   –   Sunday 08th

January 2018                                                     Wednesday 03rd   –   Sunday 07th

April 2018                                                           Wednesday 04th  –   Sunday 08th

June 2018                                                           Friday 15th           –   Sunday 24th